Classical compositions by Kristian Blak feature on a number of international albums. In addition to being an artist and composer in his own right, Kristian Blak conducts and composes for the two bands Yggdrasil and Kvonn as well as others, and you can find all of his compositions by clicking here:

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Harra Pætur og Elinborg

"Harra Pætur og Elinborg" by Kristian Blak and Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkestur, released in 1987. "Full of fantasy, life and vigour. It fullfills the scenic demands of the libretto as well as the demands of symphonic forms that arise from the musical material and the processes of composing. The artistic content is well balanced: the stylistic contrasts are worked together in a meaningfull way as convincing expressions of organic growth." (Svend Aaquist, conductor, Denmark)

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