The discography of Kristian Blak is an extensive one. Check out the subsections of this category for more details.


In addition to being an accomplished artist and composer in his own right, Kristian Blak conducts and composes for the two bands Yggdrasil and Kvonn as well as others.


You can find a list of all of his compositions here: Composers.fo.

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"Antifonale" by Kristian Blak, released in 1988. "Based on musical forms of the Italian renaissance, primarily Venetian, in which antiphony was often used, Blak's music always has a bright and airy quality. This can be attributed to his affinity to nature and nature themes. That sound carries over to this project. And it's that breezy quality that ultimately makes Blak's music so likable." (Robert Iannapollo, Cadence, USA)

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