As a musician and composer, Kristian Blak has featured on a variety of jazz releases.


During the last few years, Birgir Enni, skipper of the vessel "Norðlýsid," and Kristian Blak have arranged trips with musicians and audiences to caves, into which - weather permitting - one can enter in smaller boats, utilizing the natural sounds and unique acoustics of the caves as integral parts of the music.


These concerts have taken place in collaboration with the festival Summartónar, which brings visiting musicians in additional to local performes into these unique Faroese concert halls.


"Klæmint" by Kristian Blak, released in 1998. A suite composed to be played in a grotto - Klæmintsgjógv - on the coast of Hestur, Faroe Islands. The music is recorded on location May-August 1998. In 1984, the first grotto concert with music by Kristian Blak, "Concerto Grotto," was performed in another cave - Líðargjógv, Sandoy - by the group Ygdrasil and recorded on the same occasion.

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