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Spælimenninir ("the folk musicians") is a lively group of six musicians that play traditional and contemporary folk music from Scandinavia on fiddle, recorder, piano, guitar, mandolin, acoustic bass and vocals. The group's home base is the Faroes, but Spælimenninir is not strictly a Faroese band, neither in personnel nor music. Having played together for over 20 years, the line-up includes one native Faroese, one Swede, two Americans and two Danes. This international collaboration has resulted in a varied repertoire, which reflects each member's heritage and illustrates the links between the music traditions of the Scandinavian countries and the United States.


Spælimenninir's wide range of material, skilled musicianship and jovial stage presence always combine to create an entertaining and informative evening. Spælimenninir has toured widely in Denmark, Sweden, Orkney, Shetland, Scotland, France, Finland and the United States playing at folk festivals, dances, clubs, and concerts and conducting educational programs in schools and universities.

Spælimenninir í Hoydølum is the original group of musicians who later become known simply as Spælimenninir. They form one of the best known Faroese folk bands around.

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